Food Poisoning/ Beth Gordon

It was the truck stop food that did it I think. Deep fried green tomatoes once crispy now soggy with sweat and bacon drippings. I prefer fresh food but have no stomach for slaughter /skinning/ buckets of blood. Boil a chicken and pluck its feathers  that smell will never leave […]

Three Poems/ Monique Kluczykowski

Imposter Syndrome   They always lie about the pain— just a little discomfort.   A plastic straw snakes up the vagina to the scarred cervix, closed now for renovations.   The bunk beds look sad, stripped of their mattresses, their sheet forts.   Boxes multiply in the garage, stars in a far-flung galaxy.   The […]

Roller Coaster/ Jared Silvia

When I was ten, a catalogue arrived in the mail, the first thing I remember receiving outside of dull blue birthday cards from distant family members. It was called 100 Projects For Boys Ages 8-13. I read it cover to cover, flipping each page with trembling, mosquito-bitten fingers. All the boys in the neighborhood who […]

During my shift at the Circle K, a young girl asks for cigarettes/ Jacob Little

showing her ID and exposing herself as fifteen. She offers to flash me and when I laugh she sobs, flees, makes me recall   sprinting naked through sprinklers, choking down the Ten Pounder at The Kookout, and pillaging garages for cold beer. I remember Ggripping the door handle while skidding through suburbs to outrun the […]

Train Approach Warning/ John Tormey

At the start of the shift I grab the folding chair out of the crossing shack and set it up next to the door. I’m hoping to catch some action: drug deals run day and night in the parking lot of the Burger King on the other side of the tracks. It’s almost November and […]

The Farewell Lasso/ Ron Gibson, Jr.

The moon was the last thing waiting at the end of the line, the farewell lasso, empty. Sorrel Venus burning bright, alluding goodbye, a laser pointer for the ghost of Laika to chase instead of her tail. Only morning fog, mystery or misery grew from this fallow land. Farmers more often than not harvested the […]

Sun, Gun, Gone/ Chris Milam

In Clarksville, fact or fiction is elusive to a story hunter. Depends on who you ask and when you ask them. With a population the size of a busy mall and the median income a few rungs below the poverty line, folks here are tight, strapped, and tethered to liquor. Chasing truth? Pry it out […]

Linsey/ Elle Nash

Linsey sat cross-legged on the floor, using the coffee table as an ironing board, preparing shirts for his work week. Her husband was above her on the couch, his expressionless eyes hidden by the glow of the television on his glasses. The husband’s voice was as calm as a dinner conversation about the weather and […]