Infestation/ Justin Longacre

Do not go to Do not Google it. Do not read about how they need your hot blood to breed. Do not read that all known pesticides are ineffective. Do not read the personal testimonials from people who have lost their house, their relationships, their sanity.

3 Hybrid/ Jim Warner & Beth Gilstrap

Revelation 036 Each week it gets harder to talk to God, even my version I’ve linked it to the construction of the human ear—the Eustachian tube in particular—which is normally collapsed, but opens with pressure, with swallowing, when taking off in an airplane. All I know is the movement of that unreachable, uncontrollable air. But I […]

Linsey/ Elle Nash

Linsey sat cross-legged on the floor, using the coffee table as an ironing board, preparing shirts for his work week. Her husband was above her on the couch, his expressionless eyes hidden by the glow of the television on his glasses. The husband’s voice was as calm as a dinner conversation about the weather and […]

Questions for the Blue Collar Girl/ Jan Stinchcomb

How long have you had that coat? You still have clothes from high school? Why are you so self-deprecating? Why did you pass up the chance to go to Columbia? You mean your parents didn’t go to college? Your dad wears jeans to work?  Does anybody in your family read? Why are you so stressed…