Radical Romance: Two Poems/ Ani King

Roses on My Table, and Nothing in the Fridge   Time to eat, she says, and sheds the day, in the doorway, kicks off her practical shoes, and drapes herself over the table, narrow and tired, filled with hunger.   Oh, the table yearns for more than meager roses, sweet as they are, and I…

Radical Romance: Shutter/ Julia Wendell

“I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”  Frida Kahlo

Radical Romance: Realities/ C.D. Sorrell

  Wool jacket fastened halfway up, buttons catching the light like June Bugs Drawing close, he whispers like a branch, one leaf rubbing another Home comes through in the ripples in the lake as the cool wind brings me back Summer in Razliv with the founder, the radical, the will-be revolutionary He speaks words like…

Radical Romance: Dear Emma Goldman/ A. Jancewicz

My front garden will be full of daffodils. I will hang a black flag from the porch. You could read Kropotkin out loud to the children before bed. No matter my exhortations, they still ask for princes.