Interview: Leesa Cross-Smith

A true Kentuckian, homemaker, Jesus-lover, and music enthusiast with impeccable taste, Leesa is somehow both a true “writer’s writer” and someone who knows how to be completely down-to-earth.


Granny Witch of the Week: Byron Ballard

“We are house-clearing, baby-blessing, marriage-making, herb-swilling miscreants who answer to our personal ethical codes. We heal, we hex, we dance, we howl.”

Interview: Icess Fernandez Rojas

“My friends say I’m an activist but I don’t think I do enough things to be considered an activist. My storytelling is my resistance, it’s my defiance, it’s my self-care…”

Interview: Artist Christian Demaria

Christian Demaria’s portraits are arresting. All of his lovingly rendered scenes of small town Appalachia are excellent, but it was the portraits above all that mesmerized me. Scrolling through his Facebook page for the first time, I found myself again and again compelled to click, to take a closer look at each of the faces.

INTERVIEW: Featured Artist Niki Ortiz

Niki Ortiz makes amazing art that speaks for itself, but we wanted to share some of her words too. In lieu of a more traditional interview, we asked Niki to have a conversation about her work with someone who knows her well. She sat down to have drinks and pass a notebook with her partner one evening at Ermanos, in downtown Tucson. We loved the night’s handwritten notes so much that we decided against transcription.