Is there a Syndicalist who makes you sweat? A Maoist who gets you moist? Send those words our way! We want your love poems and love letters to your favorite revolutionary leftist.

Rabble Rousers Playlist

We want to rock. Nominate a song for our playlist of working class anthems! Write 100 words or less, prose or poetry, about or inspired by your pick. Tell us about the song that makes you proud, or chokes you up, or gets your blood simmering. Choose the song you rank as pure working class…

First Issue Coming May Day

We are thrilled to announce that the inaugural issue of Rabble Lit will be appearing on May 1st! We’ve already accepted outstanding work from some great writers, but please keep those submissions coming because we have room for more- especially nonfiction and art. Starting in June, we’ll also be bringing you fresh content between issues: regular…

Join Us

Are you an awesome working class writer or editor? Rabble Lit needs you! We’d like to add two more readers to our staff. Contact us at and let us know a little about your background and experience. We encourage writers of color and/or bilingual writers to apply. We want pitches from potential staff writers, too….

Rabble Recommends

Hello, Rabble readers! Ahead of the opening of our submissions period on March 1st, we’d like to treat you to a round-up of some of our favorite working class literature available online. The fiction, nonfiction, and poetry we’ve chosen is excellent work that illustrates the quality of craft we’d love to see in submissions to…