Two Poems/ William James

I can tell you, again, of how my father/ has never gone to war, yet he still built for us a battle ground/ within the trailer park, the undiagnosed sickness in his head/ laying a minefield of sudden rages & swinging fists/ the kitchen knife or the hunting rifle held close to our throats…

Three Poems/ Kay Billie Oakes

If your damn problems are so damn grand, then get a grander god/ to eat them whole -/
beef and bones and eyelashes and all./ It don’t even barely chew – just cocks it head back/ and knocks it down.

Charlottesville/ Alice Beecher

the woken memories of our grandfathers/ the hot south spinning into sap/ the taut cobweb of bracing knuckles/ a symbol like a broken limb/ the fear that repeats itself like water/ the fear that repeats itself like water

Two Poems/ Luisa Black

Because they know the piety of/ What collects sound without addition or distortion/ And refracts light without absorption…

Ostara, 2016/ Bri Mellott

In the summer I will eat nothing but fruit/ Let the soft flesh slide down my throat/ And into my belly where it will rot/ Until I am fat and round with seeds

Spoils of War/ Beth Gordon

Graffiti/ on playgrounds, well-fed alpacas in the palace garden,/ mutated children, sleeping in discarded gift/ boxes outside the nightclub./ We begin to seep/ through cracks…

Squeeze/ Joshua Stewart

Grandpa dug the game warden’s false teeth right out of his face/ buried them in his dresser near the painting of Jesus on the wall./ As latchkey kids, the first thing we learned how to do was unlock/ every gun case in our mother’s closet…

Plants/ Chance Dibben

The F U scrawled on my car’s hood/ has gotten deeper/ my teeth can hold anything/ but a smile…