Our Lady of North Florida Noir: Steph Post

“I did have a desire to write about ‘my kind of people’ with a sense of grace and beauty. Meaning, I didn’t want to just relegate these characters to the fringe or box them into stereotypes…”

Review: No Is Not Enough by Naomi Klein

The acclaimed journalist Naomi Klein’s latest book is an incendiary balm that strives to unite us against those forces working against our well-being and to offer us hope for our collective future.

Labor in Film: Ten Favorites/ Erik Swallow

Workers and labor have long been represented in film, from the first film projected for a paying audience (Louis Lumière’s 1895 documentary short “Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory”) to the massive output of movies of today’s various movie producers.

Review: Black Wave by Michelle Tea

Michelle Tea redefines autobiographical fiction by paring it down to its emotional core and dressing it back up as a work of beauty that never loses sight of the balances an artist must achieve in order to both create and to survive. And the cameo appearance by Matt Dillon is just icing on the delicious cake.