This Tyrant, This Child of Pride/ Sheldon Lee Compton

There was a chance she wouldn’t even open the door. But Roy hadn’t seen Jenny or her boy, Thomas, in five years. She couldn’t not answer the door. He knew his daughter. He went over what he should say while walking the small dirt road until the house loomed out from the hillside, a tilting […]

Roller Coaster/ Jared Silvia

When I was ten, a catalogue arrived in the mail, the first thing I remember receiving outside of dull blue birthday cards from distant family members. It was called 100 Projects For Boys Ages 8-13. I read it cover to cover, flipping each page with trembling, mosquito-bitten fingers. All the boys in the neighborhood who […]

Train Approach Warning/ John Tormey

At the start of the shift I grab the folding chair out of the crossing shack and set it up next to the door. I’m hoping to catch some action: drug deals run day and night in the parking lot of the Burger King on the other side of the tracks. It’s almost November and […]

Sun, Gun, Gone/ Chris Milam

In Clarksville, fact or fiction is elusive to a story hunter. Depends on who you ask and when you ask them. With a population the size of a busy mall and the median income a few rungs below the poverty line, folks here are tight, strapped, and tethered to liquor. Chasing truth? Pry it out […]