Rabble Recommends

Hello, Rabble readers! Ahead of the opening of our submissions period on March 1st, we’d like to treat you to a round-up of some of our favorite working class literature available online. The fiction, nonfiction, and poetry we’ve chosen is excellent work that illustrates the quality of craft we’d love to see in submissions to Rabble Lit. Enjoy!


Brandon Getz: Skins at Burrow Press

Leesa Cross-Smith: Out of the Strong, Something Sweet at Paper Darts

Kirsten Larson: Lie Game at Hobart

Bud Smith: Tiger Blood at Hobart

Lizz Huerta: Birds at Portland Review

Amy Rossi: Take, Eat at WhiskeyPaper

Amber Sparks: The Janitor in Space at American Short Fiction

Hillary Leftwich: Bottle Rockets at WhiskeyPaper



Ariel Gore: The Stranger’s Plot at The Nervous Breakdown

Elissa Washuta: They Just Dig: On Writing, Coal Mining, and Fear at LitHub

Anna Doogan: Actual Space: How to Breathe in a Tunnel at Nailed Magazine

Elle Nash: On Beauty: The Year I Sprayed Fake Tan on Rich Women for Money at Hobart

Jenny Forrester: What You Won’t See at Nailed Magazine

Emily Rapp: Exquisite Creatures: Ability, Goodness, and The X-Men at The Nervous Breakdown



Rusty Barnes: Two Poems at Corium Magazine

Amy Mattox: Sweetwater at The Offing

Norma Liliana Valdez: Blood Sport at Tinderbox Poetry



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