Review: No Is Not Enough by Naomi Klein


No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need

Our current American political landscape has made many of us feel like targets or as simply unwelcome in our country. The acclaimed journalist Naomi Klein’s latest book is an incendiary balm that strives to unite us against those forces working against our well-being and to offer us hope for our collective future. Revisiting topics from her previous books, she once again connects how corporations have used commodification effectively to their benefit and to the detriment of workers, and how this has crept into our politics with corporate influence on governmental responses to natural disasters, climate change, and terrorist activities. Given his behavior over the past two decades, we really ought not to be so surprised about our current President’s behavior, but rather we should be looking at those around him who helped create the maelstrom that has given him power.

As the title posits, simply saying “no” will not be enough to change the tide of corporate takeovers, racial injustice, and sexism that is sweeping through our nation. It will take incisive knowledge and collective action to bring change, both of which have been successfully used by activists and agitators in the labor and social equality movements for decades. This is a necessary reminder for when we are feeling overwhelmed and alone – that we are stronger when we stand together and we can become the change we envision.


eriksBooks and films are Erik Swallow’s passion, and he especially loves great stories, in either medium, where any of his identities (feminist, queer, anarchist) intersect.




Header Image: Street art by Tom Blackford, photo by duncan c, Creative Commons.

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