These Hollers Have Teeth/ Gordon Taulbee


These hollers have teeth

five times too many

blind eyes from bad shine

the mine has collapsed

shells still in Matewan


Blair Mountain has ghosts

tobacco fields bare

coal scrip lets them starve

It hasn’t been long

since the company


Came to the high ground

private bombs drop on

public people – dead

their bones bare of flesh

winter descends through


These hollers have teeth

taking a bite; it

sinks into broken

coffins, chilling the

bones in their hands still


Their dead fingers make

Fists – this corporate

cold; unmoving through

Tip Top tipple that

still stands, another


Relic of dead days

these hollers have teeth

but the people have

lost theirs and much else

on Frozen, he sleeps


brick picGordon Taulbee grew up in a small town in Eastern Kentucky called Salyersville. He has spent most of his adult life in Louisville, KY, and holds an MA in English from Eastern Kentucky University. His work has appeared in various literary journals. Follow him on Twitter @gordtaul or find him on Facebook



Header Image: Creative Commons, Public Domain, modified.

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