Three Poems/ Kay Billie Oakes

If your damn problems are so damn grand, then get a grander god/ to eat them whole -/
beef and bones and eyelashes and all./ It don’t even barely chew – just cocks it head back/ and knocks it down.

Featured Artist: Michael Mau

It is the juxtaposition between smooth exterior and corrugated or honeycombed interior that provides the perfect medium for my relief carvings. I portray what is often ignored on a medium that is often wasted. 

Our Lady of North Florida Noir: Steph Post

“I did have a desire to write about ‘my kind of people’ with a sense of grace and beauty. Meaning, I didn’t want to just relegate these characters to the fringe or box them into stereotypes…”

Poor Talk! with Elizabeth Catte and Misty Skaggs

I showed up at the Millennium Cincinnati for the annual Appalachian Studies Association conference with a reservation and trash bag luggage, and some serious class guilt for asking the bellhop to drag my crinkly burden all the way to the eighteenth floor…