Radical Romance: Dear Emma Goldman/ A. Jancewicz

My front garden will be full of daffodils. I will hang a black flag from the porch. You could read Kropotkin out loud to the children before bed. No matter my exhortations, they still ask for princes.

RR Playlist Episode 2

Our second update of the Rabble Rousers Playlist includes the tracks picked by Bud Smith in his interview for our inaugural issue, as well as new songs chosen by Steve Lambert, Blake Roberts, and Stacia Sanders.

Thanks to everybody who has nominated a working class anthem for the playlist!

RR Playlist Episode 1

Here it is, our first round-up of songs nominated for the Rabble Rousers Playlist! Keep ’em coming– send your pick with 100 words or less, prose or poetry, to rabble.editor@yahoo.com with the heading PLAYLIST: [Song title].   Misty Skaggs: “9 to 5,” Dolly Parton In my dreams, the nighttime ones they can’t take out from…

Rabble Rousers Playlist

We want to rock. Nominate a song for our playlist of working class anthems! Write 100 words or less, prose or poetry, about or inspired by your pick. Tell us about the song that makes you proud, or chokes you up, or gets your blood simmering. Choose the song you rank as pure working class…