Radical Romance: For Europeans Who Actually Killed Nazis/ Frank Terry

Right now I’m

reading a book

on eugenics in America

as it relates

to queer bodies.


After 1917

Italians were among

those made to

take an IQ

test to enter

the United



All of my great grandparents

were here by



but what I’m about to

say I don’t

really like

talking about.


There are

so many reasons

to hate Nazis.


I identify

more with people

from Europe.


In our moment,

we should think

about the fourteen

year old

partisan living

in the woods,


the boy who has

already killed


Nazi soldiers.


Surrounded with dark

beards and

purple eyes,

a dissent that began

before Fascists

invaded Ethiopia.


Lots of my friends

say they are


but they do not

own guns

or know how to


insert an IV

or clean and

stitch a wound.


I’m glad Emmanuel

Macron won.


I am not a Centrist,

and in a perfect



Bernie Sanders would not

be a radical


but we have

all given too

much to let

Nazi fucks

come back.



20170611_135100Frank Terry graduated from the University of Iowa in 2013 with a BA in literature. Frank’s work has appeared in Diabolique, Yellow Chair Review, Fish Food Magazine, Rhino Poetry, Far Off Places and Rio Grande Review. Frank believes in heavy metal and great vegan home cooking.







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Header Image: Creative Commons, Public Domain.

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