Featured Artist: Ron Davis

Ron Davis is upfromsumdirt upfromsumdirt pitches pennies, squeezes titties and shoots marbles in the dark. he masturbates (quite often), steals christmas presents from unattended minivans at walmart,   drinks liquor with the underaged and offers lsd to high school prom-queens claiming 21 and 2 years of community college (upfromsumdirt knows better/ but defies letter of…

Two Comics/ Josh Poole

Josh Poole is a student at Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and a food services worker at Washington and Lee University. He grew up outside a small town named Brownsburg, which is no larger than Lago from High Plains Drifter, and just as isolated. His photo features a quarter ton stegosaurus he made out of stumps, and a small cat named Elvis.