Featured Artist: Ron Davis

Ron Davis is upfromsumdirt


upfromsumdirt pitches pennies, squeezes titties and shoots marbles in the dark.


he masturbates (quite often), steals christmas presents from unattended minivans at walmart,


drinks liquor with the underaged and

digitalgriotjan13 copy

offers lsd to high school prom-queens claiming 21 and 2 years of community college

IMG copy

(upfromsumdirt knows better/

but defies letter of the law.)

upfromsumdirt removes the batteries from the tv’s remote just so you can’t get up and ‘one life to live’ in the middle of espn.


he’s given your expensive laptop a virus and has downloaded hard porn onto your precious little iphone and now it’s locked.



not an ibis… not even a heron: upfromsumdirt is a stool-pigeon (or pidjinstool) and he calls himself a poet.

and i’m telling you this for your own good:

don’t trust a goddamn thing he ever has to say.



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