Bootstraps: What is Wasted/ Asha Doré

Disabilities present differently inside of each body. Disabilities also interact with a person’s race, class, culture, family expectations, and gender.


Granny Witch of the Week: An Introduction

In honor of the Hallowe’en season, Misty Skaggs brings you a special series profiling some of the honest-t’-god granny witches from the Appalachian hills and hollers.

Ridge & Holler: The Lifetime of a Lightnin’ Bug

Listen honey, it’s nothin’ personal. It’s not that I don’t like you. It’s just that I don’t trust you. I don’t trust a lot of people. And especially not outsiders looking through a lens…

Labor in Film: Ten Favorites/ Erik Swallow

Workers and labor have long been represented in film, from the first film projected for a paying audience (Louis Lumière’s 1895 documentary short “Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory”) to the massive output of movies of today’s various movie producers.

You Can Bring Your Sheet Cake, But Do Show Up/ Erin Langley

Standing up for people so they won’t be murdered is not a radical agenda. We are not showing up to pay for the crimes of our ancestors. That would imply that the instinct to protect life arises from debt. We do owe a debt, but protecting human life is common decency. We need to show up because it is the right thing to do.

Rust & Remembrance: Jacob’s Ladder, Part 1

Marine diesel oil is the color of burnt sienna and emits an odor that smells like fermented soil, all earthy and rich, harsh but intoxicating. Work around tankers a while and you pick up a nose for it, like some insufferable wine buff. You become an aficionado of distillates.

Felony Record: Ban the Box

I’ve run the job search gauntlet before and having a record makes it even more difficult to change employers. Staying at my current job, no matter my happiness level, means not having to start over in proving my value and capability. Of the things holding me back, foremost is my fear of the box.