Radical Romance: Realities/ C.D. Sorrell

  Wool jacket fastened halfway up, buttons catching the light like June Bugs Drawing close, he whispers like a branch, one leaf rubbing another Home comes through in the ripples in the lake as the cool wind brings me back Summer in Razliv with the founder, the radical, the will-be revolutionary He speaks words like…

Radical Romance: Dear Emma Goldman/ A. Jancewicz

My front garden will be full of daffodils. I will hang a black flag from the porch. You could read Kropotkin out loud to the children before bed. No matter my exhortations, they still ask for princes.

Hold the Fort/ Jen Fitzgerald

Hold the fort For we are coming… I.W.W. Battle Song   Mallet men of manifest destiny keep time; women waulking tweed keep time; rhythmic stomps, knocks of cloth on plank; a song; if we still raised our voices like progeny; like singing lineage; the fluid life of memory; inheritance; in time; with time; in step; […]

Two Poems/ Isaac Mason

Ralston Crawford Photographs the Negroes of Dryades St. c. 1950   What most interested him was the play of light  on their dark skin: a shine or patina,  a field upon the field. At the Dew Drop Inn, the San Jacinto Social Club, the dancers and musicians, posed engaging problems of framing and composition. In […]