It started with a tweet:

Hell yeah.

We responded in the only reasonable fashion:

John’s poem is terrific, and we’re going to publish it soon. But it got us thinking…

It put us in the mind to fondly recall Editor Anna Lea Jancewicz’s “Dear Emma Goldman” love letter, published at Blunderbuss, and we thought Well goddamn now, love letters to radicals- that could be a series…

So here we go, Rabblers:

We want your love poems and love letters to your favorite revolutionary leftist. Dead or alive; socialist, communist, anarchist, whatever- we won’t exclude. Is there a Syndicalist who makes you sweat? A Maoist who gets you moist? Send those words our way! It doesn’t necessarily have to be erotic– but honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a little eros? Let’s just steer away from straight-up porn, okay? It doesn’t have to be a famous leader, either. We’re keen on your love for the rank and file too.

Interpret as you see fit, surprise us, make us swoon!

Send one poem or short prose piece, to, with the heading RADICAL ROMANCE: [your title]. We can’t wait to read your submissions! 


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