Featured Artist: Ron Davis

Ron Davis is upfromsumdirt upfromsumdirt pitches pennies, squeezes titties and shoots marbles in the dark. he masturbates (quite often), steals christmas presents from unattended minivans at walmart,   drinks liquor with the underaged and offers lsd to high school prom-queens claiming 21 and 2 years of community college (upfromsumdirt knows better/ but defies letter of…

Ostara, 2016/ Bri Mellott

In the summer I will eat nothing but fruit/ Let the soft flesh slide down my throat/ And into my belly where it will rot/ Until I am fat and round with seeds

Cooper Will Be Dead Soon/ Zachary Davis

“You’re saying you’re not available at all on Tuesday, then? You’re certain there’s no wiggle room there?”
“No, I’ll be unavailable that whole day, and every day after that.”

Spoils of War/ Beth Gordon

Graffiti/ on playgrounds, well-fed alpacas in the palace garden,/ mutated children, sleeping in discarded gift/ boxes outside the nightclub./ We begin to seep/ through cracks…

Squeeze/ Joshua Stewart

Grandpa dug the game warden’s false teeth right out of his face/ buried them in his dresser near the painting of Jesus on the wall./ As latchkey kids, the first thing we learned how to do was unlock/ every gun case in our mother’s closet…

Plants/ Chance Dibben

The F U scrawled on my car’s hood/ has gotten deeper/ my teeth can hold anything/ but a smile…

The Workhorse/ Lucy Crowe

Oh, those hands – they sifted fall soybeans and pinched them to gauge the moisture content. They tugged wet cornstalks from the corn head, they wielded hoes, shovels, hammers. They patted the dog and held the child, circled the waist of the woman he loved.