New Cybernetics/ J.L. Bogenschneider

T-ness & R-ability are qualities ascribed to people but there’s no reason they can’t be applied to machines, T in particular «a kind of knowing» and it’s actually harder to trust people because they’re unpredictable…

Interview: Leesa Cross-Smith

A true Kentuckian, homemaker, Jesus-lover, and music enthusiast with impeccable taste, Leesa is somehow both a true “writer’s writer” and someone who knows how to be completely down-to-earth.

Two Poems/ Luisa Black

Because they know the piety of/ What collects sound without addition or distortion/ And refracts light without absorption…

Resumé/ Sarah Pape

You told me years later that to smoke meth at work, you would lock yourself in the supply closet, stand on top of your cart with a plastic bag, breathe the toxic smoke into it and hold it directly to the air vent. It was one of many rituals you had perfected in hiding your world from me.

Featured Artist: Ron Davis

Ron Davis is upfromsumdirt upfromsumdirt pitches pennies, squeezes titties and shoots marbles in the dark. he masturbates (quite often), steals christmas presents from unattended minivans at walmart,   drinks liquor with the underaged and offers lsd to high school prom-queens claiming 21 and 2 years of community college (upfromsumdirt knows better/ but defies letter of…

Ostara, 2016/ Bri Mellott

In the summer I will eat nothing but fruit/ Let the soft flesh slide down my throat/ And into my belly where it will rot/ Until I am fat and round with seeds